Multiple tasking

For several decades now, research indicates that  the ability to divide your attention is one of the best  predictors of future pilots’ performance. This test battery  contains a number of multiple tasks to assess this  crucial characteristic. However, the ability to divide  your attention is often determined by the nature of the  task. Therefore, multiple tasking in this test-battery is measured on three different levels. These are:  Skill based level  -  Rule based level  -  Knowledge based level

All three levels are part of one single test.  Another multiple task that is included in the test  battery was developed by NASA. The test contains several tasks that  assess critical features for a pilot. The Aviation Human  Factor Center gained full authority to program and  further develop this test. The test requires the pilot to  monitor and keep track of the instruments, fill the fuel  tanks and adjust navigation and radio instruments  according to instructions from the tower.

Tekstvak: Multiple tasking